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Oh, these memories make me so happy.

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Mini books are some of my favorite projects – they always remind me of some of my favorite memories and they are the type of project that has an end sight. Unfortunately though, they seem to add up pretty quickly over here, hogging up all the space in my baskets, which is why they make amazing gifts! Before we even left for our Fourth of July weekend, I knew a project like this would be in my future, so I kept my eye out for photo opportunities and I made sure to ask everyone to send me pictures while the memories were still fresh and all of photos were still saved (we all get that “not enough room” notification, am I right?).

 photo FE236F28-80DE-421A-8D56-19307DCF7E02_zpslrmlz2oh.jpg

When we got back, I picked some stuff out of my stash – gold letter stickers and the Project Life card with the animals on it were my jumping off points. I just chose other paper and embellishments that matched, and voila! I didn’t take particular care to be matchy-matchy with the photos, because I tend to work with lighter and more muted colors than a majority of these photos seem to be.

 photo E292F4E6-598A-4FAC-94C4-CCAC3462FB83_zpsckscxo44.jpg

Once I had chosen a few embellishments, I went back and picked a cover size and then paper for the inside. I’ve been loving the idea of Personal Size (3.75″ x 6.5″) so I decided to go with measurements close to that for the cover and a few inside pages and then I just chose other random pieces and scraps to go inside.

 photo 58540D60-8D42-441B-A0C4-547C00F9DB9B_zps2ikil2fc.jpg

All of my pictures were minimally edited with my iphone and then plugged into my PicFrame app, so that I could print them out with multiples on each 4″x6″ page. All of the photos you see are 3″x4″ or 2″x3″ and were printed on my Canon Selphy, which I’m currently obsessed with. I decided to document this weekend chronologically, which allowed me to make a page for the girls and a page for the guys.

 photo E8248C3E-39CE-41EF-B547-D1AE61D9131A_zpspgv5jnf0.jpg

Of course, I had to include the food.

 photo Untitled design_zpszpv9yvux.jpg

No page about the guys is complete without having to censor the pictures. I realize that I could have just not included this in the post, but I just loved the horse paper.

 photo EF65E62B-FEFE-4ECB-9B0C-E115B04AFC5A_zpsoaxymncu.jpg

The whole group went to this same bridge at different times. The boys went first and Cole took the picture on the bottom right with his beer and the guys below so when the girls went out there, we had to take the same one. On Instagam, Sarah said, “Attempting to recreate Cole’s photo but I’m scared of heights and beer is gross.” I second that.

 photo 064FBE87-7915-49A6-AC55-8B2119BC6E63_zpskdaydbsy.jpg photo 70755EAB-BAEB-44DB-8EE1-73031A928D53_zpsoocynalo.jpg

Sometimes I like to include snapchats in my minis, too! In this case, our friend Landon in Beijing had to get in on this.

 photo 1305B23C-7E48-498C-9767-C8A506E0F056_zpse5klp0p6.jpg

The whole weekend we kept talking about how playing around outside made us feel like little kids again, we’re still not ready to grow up.

 photo BE3C1B17-E567-4BFC-8FAA-6C1C08CA461B_zpsbfzyrgtx.jpg

Like I mentioned, this little book was intended for our friends, so I wrote them a little note in the back and made it more private by putting it in this little Project Life pocket and adding a tag. It’s the little things.

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