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It’s been a while since I wrote a post about my life. I used to write my “Weekend Wrap Up” post each week and I can’t for the life of me remember what made me stop. But then again, maybe it had something to do with the amount of time I spent on it, after all this is the second time I’ve completely rewritten this post due to some glitch on WordPress that caused me to lose everything I had written. BUT I DIGRESS. Writing about my week always made me want to keep a record through photographs and continually made me realize how truly wonderful I have it. Here are some photos of what the past few months have looked like!

We Celebrated KP’s Birthday – May 3
 photo EF31D4B9-8FD8-4E6D-AD84-3FB51D8D8A9B_zpspbgsj848.jpg

We Played Pool at The Social Room – May 8
 photo EA8BB01E-CBC7-473A-9526-8F96EEABD237_zpsdabteagu.jpg photo 52B00E8C-6595-4212-96F0-4E7E44BE61A1_zpsj8gd88lh.jpg photo C579483B-D07B-4D90-9483-06ACF656489D_zps08synyao.jpg

We Explored Downtown Columbia – May 23
 photo D9C8B131-16DE-4753-9587-0C852C74FB85_zpsri6eiqmc.jpg photo 021D2B0A-C2CB-47FB-B334-53318996C985_zpsvni7ymps.jpg

We Drove to the Peddler’s Jamboree – May 23
 photo 5F136F18-A010-4CAA-9971-9DA68535B948_zps1dnlfbwe.jpg photo 88619B72-DF41-4FD9-B103-849FD17E6348_zpssfgwyjws.jpg photo 59DBC750-9A0B-4AA8-BEDD-571513ACA452_zpslrxb1tjx.jpg

I enjoyed the Illustrated Faith Workshop – May 30
 photo 7D15F265-B034-4F11-844D-0BD9627268DB_zpsfidod2hp.jpg photo F7466643-3F02-4A13-9131-EB165D21BEDC_zpsvr17bokt.jpg

We Celebrated Friendships – June 3
 photo C0A6CCEA-01EE-4465-89ED-70CC8799B0D0_zpssbvaltbw.jpg

We Walked Around at Art in the Park – June 6
 photo AAD4D7D3-0B8F-4C38-9008-02D0129059A1_zpsrniweap4.jpg photo B1FC6A95-92CA-463A-9A3C-7A3ED7A34A72_zpsiuqey0e2.jpg

We Listened to The Tanner Lee Band at Cooper’s Landing – June 6
 photo FE99CBA1-430F-46F8-AAF2-676872AF81F6_zpswdig1foe.jpg photo 019EC0C6-5055-4CC3-A513-230FD40323ED_zpsd4uxpbpw.jpg

We Celebrated the Marriage of Two of Our Best Friends – June 12
 photo 5F875370-F7B4-4BEB-B137-31FFEF9794CC_zps64mji2dm.jpg photo 14ED00CC-E33C-43D5-81A6-E48E0CA2A9A8_zpszm1ht7i3.jpg photo 70DD709F-85B0-4624-9DB1-E10E263AED02_zpsfrlmc4wp.jpg photo 73D50979-CC0A-4005-8626-903B81009C92_zpsyj5yapws.jpg

We Watched the Cardinals Beat the Royals – June 13
 photo 6B7F4C4B-E438-41EB-A00B-ABBEF474C98F_zpskryvvv6q.jpg photo 9FE371EE-9F46-43F1-9D1A-64A29756F55C_zpstxihjk4n.jpg photo 93F09A55-6CD7-4AD3-9C12-22B1B4C7AFE2_zpszujuvrhz.jpg

I Found a New Mantra – June 14
 photo 1E8FD7DA-6693-4B38-933C-BA53BE4F7E14_zps4uhhy4sy.jpg

We took a Four Hour Drive to Pick Up our Car that Broke Down in KC (+ We Celebrated with Ice Cream) – June 15
 photo 1A462238-DEF0-41C7-BEF4-6539799A655E_zpsi5cyi31n.jpg photo 6C20F499-E21F-4BF7-B7C2-2F83E6155097_zpsfr9rba75.jpg

We Shopped for Cars (Because…See Above) – June 18
 photo B3C3CABD-4A2A-444A-B5B2-D49DAF0C099C_zpsbrezeugj.jpg

We Ventured into a Flower Shop Downtown – June 20
 photo EB223031-FE79-4918-83ED-2A8BE8BBE7B3_zpsoksgnbaq.jpg

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