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Two months ago, I had my first experience with airbnb, a website that connects travelers with people interested in renting out their personal or vacation homes. I’ve been a little curious (and apprehensive) about this whole process for a while but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out until Sarah’s bachelorette party. photo 61F9CDD6-9D9A-41E5-B847-DC031C4F89A9_zpsv7t5cjl5.jpgThe best thing about this set up is that it’s designed for you to “move in” and just live for a few days. Most of the places have towels, soap, kitchen utensils/tools and anything else that you might need to make your stay as simple and comfortable as possible. This particular home had everything from wifi to tea to essential oils for us to use, not to mention plenty of room for the whole bridal party + some to get ready on the morning of the wedding. photo 22BE98A5-F343-4F63-8844-C243A1AF75D8_zpshctrtrpm.jpgThe home we stayed in had an extremely eclectic style with lots of knick knacks. Every time I turned the corner, there was another item I wouldn’t have expected to find in a home. The most interesting thing about this though, was how many of the items in the house seemed to be one-of-a-kind or hand made to the owner’s personal style. photo 8CF7DB18-0F22-4F42-A21B-1B582C564183_zpsk1xsuczc.jpgThese next three pictures are from the room I stayed in. The bed had the most amazing honeycomb quilt and the mattress was top notch. The main source of light for the room (other than the window) was the x-ray machine with actual x-rays on it. Pretty cool, but also slightly unsettling. photo 2BF8819D-BD01-4E42-BB93-1930209ADBEE_zpswkredube.jpg photo 2D14AF25-9AAB-4CA8-A4DF-8310C3B62798_zpsyoul3gir.jpg photo 0996180B-A7E6-483C-BA2F-5DFA783B0749_zpsawydtzr8.jpgSpeaking of interesting lighting…this chandelier was hanging in the main living area. photo 61B363F1-4C70-41A6-A97B-46881E7334E9_zpsvot2zf45.jpgThis is a wall in one of the rooms downstairs – definitely a unique way to showcase the items she had nailed to the wall. photo C90CD258-5113-4A50-900D-2E4734E17AC0_zpsfpvcrqdo.jpgI found myself exploring the backyard and of course, I loved the painted wrought iron furniture and beautiful plants. There was also body parts of a manikin out there but that’s not pictured. photo B3F6C15B-62D0-4536-825A-9C198EF4651E_zpsma1iewua.jpg photo D354BEC7-4295-4357-A45C-7C220CC564D2_zpsup6oufs1.jpgOverall, I think everyone was very glad to have stayed at such an accommodating home that was so near to all of the wedding locations. I am also happy that this experience was so positive – I would definitely be interested in looking into an airbnb before a hotel for vacations in the future!

Want to check it out? Here is the exact place we stayed.


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