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Today, I played a little hooky from work to go to Kansas City and IKEA with my friends Sarah and Abby. I have scoured their website over the last week and made a list so that the trip would be easier. Until today, I wondered if it was possible to stay in the store for less than three hours, but somehow we managed and I came out on the other side with everything I wanted (and right at my budget, too)! Here is my list of must haves, they didn’t all make it into my cart this time, but I’m sure I’ll be back within the next few months! (Items are listed clock-wise starting with the throw blanket.)

  1. Eivor Throw Blanket
  2. Bittergurka Watering Can
  3. Ekne Circle Mirror
  4. Borby Lantern
  5. Soare Place Mat
  6. Fejka Potted Plant
  7.  The Druvflader Hanging Basket
  8. Alina Bedspread/Quilt

Not Pictured: Kardemumma Plant Pot, Mala Drawing Paper Roll, Bjornloka Duvet Cover, and Lohals Rug.

Anything you love from IKEA that I didn’t mention? Let me know!

This post is part of my challenge to post every day in July! To see them all, click here!



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