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Yesterday, I played a little hooky. Last week, Sarah, Abby and I devised a plan to skip out on work so that we could hit up Kansas City and IKEA. I’ve been wanting to go for a while and when Sarah told me that she sometimes drives out there to meet with clients, we knew that we had to make a little trip to IKEA work. Coincidentally, Abby (who is getting ready to go to college in the fall) was also able to schedule her advising appointment, so we were able to hit three birds with one stone.  We drove out to KC on Monday night, to stay with their sister Beth and her sweet family. This meant that we wouldn’t have to get up as early on Tuesday, which was genius.

 photo be42fcd9-6b24-436d-a3a9-04159aa02f37_zpsqscitxt8.png

After Sarah and I dropped Abby off at her meeting, we headed to a local coffee shop called Crow’s Coffee near downtown KC. On the way there, Sarah was telling me all about the Pokemon she was catching on the new Pokemon Go app, so I decided to download it as well to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on anything (#FOMO). Within minutes,  I was releasing something called “Lure” (by accident) and all the Pokemon were coming over for me to capture. That’s basically all I did while Sarah was working, other than write a couple words for yesterday’s blog post.

 photo DC8A055D-33C0-4335-AE36-A25E1DCAF84D_zpsaomxh7wq.jpg

On a less nerdy note, I enjoyed a delicious chai and a homemade poptart while I caught my Pokemon. Not that I ever eat poptarts, but there’s no way I’ll eat a packaged one ever again.

 photo F3B91E33-A683-4A58-A10B-45D84166E058_zpstxmegk0x.jpg

I got the classic coffee and laptop pic, which reminded me of my Life Over Lattes series…that needs to make a reappearance.

 photo 97E56495-C05E-46A9-97EC-6153AC3ABF59_zpstsrhokzd.jpg

I loved the atmosphere and lighting of this place. Looking around, I noticed pretty quickly that, although it was pretty close to a college, it was completely different than a coffee shop you’d find in Columbia. There seemed to be no studying, lots of working and the customers varied greatly in age.

 photo FD5B3D50-AF51-4127-BDE9-B1308246840D_zps2dkubaec.jpg

IKEA was next on the agenda! With full disclosure that this was going to be blog material, I asked Sarah and Abby if they wanted to be in my picture of the IKEA sign. Love it. We walked in around 1pm and decided to take a pit stop for food at their cafeteria/food court. I had heard it was good (and it was), but after trying it, I’m not sure what people are losing their minds over. Cafeteria food is cafeteria food after all. We managed to eat food, shop and pay all in under two hours which is probably less time than you’d wait in the food line on any given weekend. I was proud of myself for finding all the things on my list and staying on budget.

 photo F977D4AC-FCD1-4007-8E42-AEEEAAD65126_zpsaldu31am.jpg

On the way back, I drove the car and these two took a little nap. Don’t worry, I was looking at the road, not the camera.

 photo B971D522-8B00-4D17-BC30-3F33943BBFE6_zpsnj2xvotr.jpg

Of course when I got home, I had to put my new purchases to use! The comforter went on the bed and the watering can watered the plants. (You can see my list of IKEA must haves here.) Any day away from work is a good day in my book, but I was happy to get to do some shopping and eating and podcasting listening with two sweet friends!

This post is part of my challenge to post every day in July! To see them all, click here!


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