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 photo BA59DC0E-05A6-430C-A1A0-F623C7B0FDF2_zps59axyjpw.jpgOur honeymoon trip was really special. Not only was it the place we went to celebrate marriage, but it was also completely a surprise for me. Kevin decided that he was going to plan the entire thing and that he wasn’t going to tell me until the night we were married.

So, we went to St. Lucia for five days and it was such an amazing time. I had every intention of taking a journal with me so that I could take some notes of what we did and what we ate…buuuut you know..I got a little busy. When we were there we wrote what we did daily and saved all of the fun papers and ephemera that we could so that I could make my travel journal when we got back. photo 706F3977-3C3F-4592-A803-6F46D47ED001_zpseyybqc31.jpgThe best thing that we brought home was a weekly news paper from the resort. They had the weather, the times the restaurants were open, and every event that happened at the resort. photo 9F1AD8E8-B12D-4C06-B68E-A76B26F4A5E1_zpsbo4hcxwn.jpg photo C2219ED6-180B-45CF-A407-A74BAD245E25_zpsqschkop7.jpg photo E65FE29A-3FD3-4F02-9AB4-CE4C5A6F5540_zps39xkavms.jpg photo 8F3A15F0-D92E-46FE-9071-E5716566DBF8_zpsphfkv3zh.jpgWe saved the brochure for the excursions, which we very helpful when it came to remembering cities and I was able to just glue it in the book without having to cut it up. This book is a Midori Traveler’s Notebook size (8.25″ x 4.33″), which I really like as far as visual appeal and for putting the longer brochures in. The original idea was that it would still be thin enough to put in a Project Life envelope and stick it right in with the rest of the honeymoon pictures but now it’s about an inch thick so I might have to just put it with my other mini books, which is definitely not a problem either. photo 93E39D0D-ECFA-4955-B062-F9B4567C961B_zpsgtwcayvb.jpg photo FF2F1F8A-D6E0-4970-B850-A2CED9C9A2CE_zpspdehkran.jpg photo C5DAB90C-CE80-4529-BBCB-8C69439AF81F_zpsuz85wv5u.jpg photo DB259871-D489-42A0-AE51-46FA8996969F_zpssfsx7cgr.jpg photo 676A020D-A455-40A4-87D8-8B9A63DF5DEE_zpsjeuimdua.jpg photo 13032B51-8FBF-440A-AEE9-DB5A9C7BEBAD_zpsth9ghrro.jpgOne of the unexpected hardest parts was getting pictures of the two of us. Even though we didn’t get the best pictures, I’m SO glad that we handed over the camera to tour guides and friends at the resort every once in a while. photo 8046969F-6B63-4D9A-A112-82612FE0A375_zpsazwoplwo.jpg photo 1D9239A0-0A8F-43CC-A03A-8C90651887FE_zpscb6k5kur.jpg photo 8A3919FF-3725-4D11-A5A9-E4CC7E34CE58_zpsedzu7lr2.jpg photo 23F0DC8C-2F48-4455-88EA-225DDC6D894F_zpss9ksftqw.jpg photo F71B93A8-300B-4815-80E6-3EC816CD6A8F_zps12xflkcw.jpg photo E830FF2E-3061-4C4D-9ED0-33BF2A71E1B5_zpsjvo7swhv.jpg

So there you have it, simple yet it holds the stories that I want to be told.


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