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Welp, fall’s here. You know what that means…time for a whole new set of goals and pumpkin-flavored everything. I write goals for (almost) every month but the times when I actually write about them here, I feel a lot more accountable to finish them, even if I never talk about them again. Seems a bit strange, but it works!
 photo B3F6E371-0601-49AC-B3B2-B7724107AD8E_zpsddw6xsbo.jpg
This year, I am pumped about fall weather more than anything. Summer was always my favorite season but that nonsense ended when school did. So I picked a new season. Gosh I’m getting old.

I decided to write my goals straight in my planner this month. This Lilly Pulitzer is pure genius with all the blank space floating around…it’s the perfect place to write it and actually not lose it. Well, hopefully not. It also has just the right amount of space so that I don’t get carried away with things I would like to do, but are probably unrealistic.

As you can see, I have finally stopped putting “read a book” on my goals list because it hasn’t gotten done at all for the last 6 months so why would it now? I think I’m catching on to this whole goal writing thing, amirite?!


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