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A couple times a week, I get emails from Illustrated Faith with information about new items that have come to their shop, new blog posts and every once in a while, they send out freebies. This past week, the Growing in Soil Devotional was put in the shop for free (it’s typically $3) so I thought I would go ahead and print it on some sticker paper. There are two pages and each one is the exact same size as the pages of my traveler’s notebook, 8.25″ by 4.33″, so I cut them down just a little bit more to make sure I would not have any hanging off the page or getting stuck in the binding. I then cut apart the smaller pieces so I could place them around the pages.

I decided to stick everything to the notebook before even reading the devotional. It was one of those times where I was so caught up on making the page look pretty that I didn’t take to much care about the words. I thought I’d just write something, post it on Instagram and move on. When I finally read them, it hit me like a ton of bricks and didn’t leave. It was tugging at my heart where I needed it the most, where I know I’ve been lacking. This devotional was such a good reminder that I continually let myself fall out of the habit of reading my Bible and meeting God daily, something that’s so good for me, while God continually pursues my heart. I encourage you to check this one out and see what else Illustrated Faith has to offer!

This post is part of my challenge to post every day in July! To see them all, click here!


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