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…and it’s officially as hot as can be! Even though I have a full time job, I can’t help but LOVE this time of year – there’s so much better light and longer days make me unreasonably happy. This past month I spent some time working through what it means to be nourished and really digging my word of the year. Kevin and I enjoyed hosting our first get together at the new house, which felt so adult! There’s still more I want to do here, but it’s going to take some time. Even though apartment living wasn’t bad, it just feels SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. to have a house that’s ours. I feel so much more relaxed and at home here like I’ve never felt outside my parent’s house. It’s kind of a great feeling. Here’s an update on my goals from last month and the hopes and dreams I have for July.

July Goals:

  • OLW: Ali Edward’s E-Course Prompts for July
  • Continue using the LifeSum App to keep a food and exercise journal
  • Blog every day in July – realistically, I’d love to get something up here every day even if it’s not super amazing or perfectly edited. I spend WAY too much time re-reading and editing.
  • Keep up with my daily devotional and quiet time throughout the month.
  • Give up caffeine.

June Goals Update

  • Determine what makes me happy. Yes! Loved the process of being intentional about each thing I do every day. I found that there were a couple things that I didn’t like, but the outcomes of doing those things were things that made me happy, so I guess that balances out.
  • OLW: Ali Edward’s E-Course Prompts for June. Done and posted!
  • Finish out the Start Where You Are Journal before starting anything new. Well, I’m not quite done with this journal, but I haven’t started on anything new.
  • Continue my daily quiet time practice. This wasn’t as consistent as I wanted it to be, but I still had quiet time a couple times a week.
  • Get my new Written Worship products in the shop! …Eeek not done yet!
  • Make it to at least one (way to early) cycling class with Kevin. So close (*insert crying laughing emoji*).

Favorite Things From June

There you have it, folks! It seems like I tend to hit all of my goals but one or two, so hopefully I can work a little harder to knock them all out this month. Stay tuned to keep up with my daily posts.

Do you have any goals for July? I’d love to hear them!


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