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I’ve always been a fan of personal challenges, e-classes, workshops – you name it. I heard about Find Your Voice in 2013 via Pinterest and I just knew that I had to push myself out of the box writing-wise. After I completed the six week course hosted by Kristin of rukristin, I felt a lot more confident about what I was writing and the things I knew to be true about myself.  photo 27e14afe-1aa4-40da-a8da-919e41453eda_zps5f96ebad.jpgThis is the mini album that I made to hold all of my course materials and writings. I added a lot of pictures and words and things that made me happy. All of my projects are very “me-based” and this one was no different, but this one wasn’t designed to be shown to friends or kept for my grandchildren – this one was solely for me and my personal growth. photo IMGP0005_zpsa8e9a6f7.jpgThe more I wrote for this project, the more confident I felt when I was writing for my blog. I felt like my words were meant to be written down and kept. I also focused a lot on written words and hand writing. To me, there is such a difference between the things that I write out by hand first and the things I type. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I always write in pen and refuse to cross anything out (even misspellings and grammatical errors). If I run out of room for a word I’m writing, I throw a hyphen in there and move on. But there is always something about the things I hand write that are more raw, emotional, and real. I can’t back up so I just have to keep going until I get my point across. It’s not that way when I type. I re-write and edit each sentence and over think each word choice and connotation. photo IMGP0007_zpsdd1dff48.jpgI found that using a mixture of words, pictures, and embellishments helped me balance my uneasiness and I just love how the whole project turned out. I’ve gone back to the prompts quite a few times since then to help me mix up and revamp my writing style. My most challenging prompt from 2013 was to take a story and write it with two different writing styles. For one, I did my normal blog-post style and for the other I wrote a poem. The blog-post style was much easier, but guess which one I enjoyed more. photo IMGP0010_zps4023e001.jpgDuring this project, I also considered my writing goals. Instead of just writing it out, I made this mind map. It’s so interesting to see how my goals have narrowed and changed. I look back and see how all over the place my brain and hobbies were! I like to think I have my things together a little better now! photo mindmap_zpsd11f72b2.jpgSo why am I pulling these pictures with awkward lighting from 2013? Kristin is actually hosting another Find Your Voice workshop and I think it’d be cool if you followed along! Like I mentioned, it’s a six-week course and it starts July 1st, so right around the corner! All you have to do is sign up here! Really, there aren’t “rules” to this project and there is a lot of room for growth regardless of where you are currently with your writing style. I’m so excited this workshop is back and I’m pumped to tell you all that I was given the opportunity to contribute my project on her blog! You know I’ll be posting links here when that goes live! If you’re interested in seeing my 2013 FYV Posts, check them out here or click Find Your Voice in the drop down menu under “categories” to the right!

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