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 photo 5FC9B575-0D6C-4BFE-9F0C-335E5A31871F_zpswajenhwp.jpgI’m psyched about this project. Before the workshop started, I was debating between starting a new mini book or filling up more of my old one. I still had quite a few blank pages in the back and the idea that having everything together would not only be better space-wise at our house but also easier to see how I’ve grown. photo 391DDEAB-FECB-421C-9DD8-544F7A43467B_zpsri8mtp1x.jpgI just jumped right in and made an “intro” type page with this year’s date. I used two instax photos that I’ve had laying around waiting for the right project to use them in. I’m still OBSESSED with that camera. photo D0DBC646-8952-4026-8709-7E2609A9A64D_zpsjszz4mwl.jpgFor this project, I really want to emphasize growth, so I used one of Elise’s quote cards from 2012 and then I mirrored it with a journaling card with a summary of the answers I wrote to the questions on the worksheet. It says, “I want to tell my stories because they matter. I want to remember the big and little things. I want to be able to celebrate growth. I want to remember all of the things. But sometimes time holds me back, trust me, it’s not for lack of words. What people think about me doesn’t matter, they can GTFO. I love stores that are so real-life that it could be happening to me. I love characters that I would get along with in real life. Always books over movies. But real life stores over books.” photo C9603388-EA27-4540-89CB-F0808F7FAEE6_zpsgsct10yi.jpgI have to admit, thinking of my favorite stories was harder than expected. I didn’t want to choose from only my personal stories, but I’m kind of picky when it comes to books and movies. I ended up selecting (in no particular order) Gone With the Wind , Harry Potter, the TV show Friends, Modern Family, blogs, Outlander, The Time Traveler’s Wife, One Thousand Gifts, general love stories, Redeeming Love, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Grease, The Blind Side, The Breakfast Club, The Bible, Forrest Gump, the story of my life and family, and Scarlett.

As I wrap up my thoughts on this week, I am reminded how often my stories are public. Whether you read every single post or this is your first one, I am thankful. This has been such a good place for me to stay accountable and tell others about Jesus and the work He has done in my life. I look back on my almost five years of (fairly) continuous blogging and am grateful for the reminders of joyful events and memories that are kept right here in this space. I want to encourage you to start a blog or simply get a journal and write. It has been such a blessing to me. What you say doesn’t have to be long or profound, but I think you’ll be happy you did.



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