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 photo DecemberDaily_zpsbf2475c0.jpgThis year I was thiiiis close to not doing a December Daily. I decided that I had WAY too many other projects that need to be finished – I have a list going, there’s that many. But after seeing all of the gorgeous covers and pages that everyone has been posting on Instagram, I decided that I was going to have to join in on the fun.

If you’re not familiar with December Daily, let me acquaint you. This is a project designed by Ali Edwards where you create a mini-book and then fill it in during the month of December. It’s designed to be simple and to help catch the memories, traditions and stories of daily life during the Christmas season. I have not participated in December Daily, but in 2012 I did completed a holiday mini book, which turned out pretty similar.

While I’m hoping just to fly by the seat of my pants, I do have some plans laid out for how I would like to complete this project. For me, when I have a set way to go about it, I tend to do better and complete it in a more timely manner. So I’ve decided not to go out and purchase more supplies. I know some people believe that buying new stuff prompts us to get more excited about it but I can tell you that having less stuff to move in March is a bit higher on my priority list – and Kevin will probably thank me for that! So that means that you might be seeing some of the embellishments from 2012 or from other projects, but I’m ok with that. I still plan on doing Project Life separately. I use that loosely, since I’m pretty far behind but ideally this won’t be about the day-to-day stuff. That means that some days may be out of order or not documented at all and that’s ok as long as I get all the pictures and stories that I want in there. While I love the things I see on instagram, I have to continually remind myself that some of people that I follow work from home or blog professionally which means that they have more time to do fun Christmasy things while this girl will be working every day but Christmas. I have to be easy on myself.

I’m continually reminding myself that my traditions and the things that I love are WORTH documenting, even when I think they’re not. I want to be able to look back and see what December was like and what new traditions we made each year. For starters, Kevin and I came up with a few things that we want to do this month:

  • Pick out our favorite house with Christmas lights.
  • Visit the botanical gardens in STL – I’ve heard that they have a gorgeous light display.
  • Celebrate Kevin’s birthday
  • Build a snowman if we have snow.
  • Wrap presents so that they coordinate.
  • Write down the words to Christmas lyrics that we create – Kevin and I are always changing the words to songs to make them more funny so writing them down would be perfect for DD.
  • Kiss at midnight on New Years.

This should be a good list to get us started! I am so excited for this month! I’ll be posting once a week or so to share what I have going on with my December Daily album (I’m just not quite committed enough for those every day posts, #sorrynotsorry).


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