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Yay, I’m glad to be back and finishing up the details of this project! If you want to read part one, you can check it out here!

 photo DE1BE069-6B78-48B2-B527-9D09D7AA7FDC_zpszy0b882o.jpeg

Finally Kevin and I went back to Hallmark so that he could pick out his ornament for the year. We made a little date out of it by checking out some Christmas lights on our way home. The photo on the right is a house in town called Candy Cane lane that goals all out with lights on their entire home. Can’t imagine paying that electric bill. photo BBB9F7BA-E33B-4F76-A662-FA0C2F268341_zpsbkshkp39.jpeg

I’m just as surprised as you are that it took this many days through December before Chloe got her own full picture. I decided to turn it into my “yes, this” page of things that make me downright happy. The list includes:

  1. That face
  2. Kevin’s cozy boot socks
  3. Heated blankets
  4. Hot cider
  5. Twinkle lights
  6. Snowy Chloe
  7. Boots
  8. Christmas magic
  9. Silly Santa photos on social media
  10. Planning and goal setting for 2017
  11. Mom’s afghan blankets
  12. Christmas cards in the mailbox
  13. All the chili in my belly
  14. Advent readings
  15. Holiday parties
  16. Time with family and friends
  17. Days off work
  18. Love

 photo D7E71DF8-99D7-4170-90C4-4E2D78DCBFE0_zpsnet6tmrc.jpeg

This was the day that we were supposed to wake up early to head to St. Louis for a Christmas Party with Kevin’s Dad’s side of the family. Unfortunately, we woke up to icy roads and low temperatures so we decided it would be best to stay home. We took some groceries over to Kevin’s brother and spent the rest of the day relaxing and eating the dessert we were supposed to take to St Louis with us. For dinner, we went to CC’s where we reflected on 2016 and talked about our goals for 2017. Love so much that Kevin is a dreamer.

 photo BA010A8F-9FF8-4355-A5F4-20D778EA101A_zpsxmlib2d5.jpeg

Of course, we couldn’t just get through the weekend with ice, so it had to snow on top of that. Chloe thoroughly enjoyed running around with her nose to the ground while I tried to stay warm inside. I made chili for dinner and included my watch showing the 5 degree temperatures.  photo 200169C2-3F4F-4ECC-BE26-131F7EBB9F39_zpsgecb3xyn.jpeg

This is the point in the project where I started getting busy and my lack of time really showed itself. Two days of photos with no words. Oh well! photo 2471EA36-A258-4EEF-A4AE-A6E59EE26DD3_zpsqguwnfyk.jpeg

This is a 5×5 piece of paper, so I used my fuse tool to create a smaller page protector. The fuse easily became one of those tools I had no idea how I was living without before – I even used them on the name tags for our gifts this year. Kevin brought me some lovely poinsettias which were both red and white, to keep on the counter. I didn’t realize how hardy these guys were – they lasted for quite some time between watering.   photo 98BE528C-B106-4172-896F-62E32B1B5D0E_zpscujpdsia.jpeg

Kevin and I stayed with my parents over Christmas, so I got this picture sent to me while Kevin and I were out and about. Both of my parents totally spoil Chloe, but my Dad, in particular is a fish. The one thing he doesn’t allow is hair in their bed, so this is Chloe getting as close as possible. photo 041412DF-DB06-419F-945D-0AE0C03F563D_zpsa91spcai.jpeg

We mixed things up a bit this year and had some family over the day before Christmas to help spread things out a bit to really be intentional about the time we were spending with family. In the evening, we watched A Christmas Story with both my family and Kevin’s and hit the hay fairly early. It was glorious. photo 1E872E3D-1D19-470C-BD91-93CFC0678D09_zpszvpqczjt.jpeg

And of course, the best day of the month. This day found us busy and happy and filled with our favorite people.

At the end of all this, I decided I didn’t want to continue with the project for the rest of the month. For me, a lot of the stories and photos lead up to Christmas and it felt like the right place for me to end this year. I tried to stay away from all of the December Daily inspiration in order to really feed off of my stories, but I did go back afterward and see what some of my favorite creators had made. Here are some of my favorites:

 photo E7058027-0EC7-4703-BC01-C22C33D6F8C5_zpso8xpnryw.jpg

Starting at the top right and going clockwise: Little Raven Ink | Crafty Jen Schow | Brandi Kincaid | Retrohipmama



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