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Maybe you’ve heard about all the hype, but maybe you haven’t. December Daily is a project created by Ali Edwards that involves over documenting the busiest time of the year. Sounds like fun, amiright? All jokes aside, I always take more photos in December than I do the rest of the months of the year, so it’s fun to have a way of keeping those and my memories all in one place.

I’ve tried this project in the past and failed for two main reasons: photo printing and storytelling. First, doing this project is no fun when you’re running to the store every five seconds to print photos. Of course it never fails that you print one in the wrong size or orientation, you have to change things up or send it back to the printer for a second time. The idea behind this project is to work on it as you go and I can say from past experience that this is not something I want to be doing in January because by that time I’ve seen enough red and green for another ten months. Second, the storytelling. I’ve always been at odds for what to write but I finally feel like this year I have things to say and I’m planning some stories far enough in advance to be ready if I don’t have anything fun going on. Crossing those two hurdles is going to be the biggest things and with a plan in place, and a binder full of empty page protectors, I’m excited to get going.

I’ve noticed that each year Ali has done December Daily, she has set up her pages prior to the first of December. She has her little daily planning guide and then she sets everything up so that she only has to write down the stories, slide in the pictures, and embellish away (obviously the best part). So, in an effort to follow along and actually get this done, I decided to do the same. I grabbed a couple things from Michael’s but didn’t go crazy with all of the kits and things online because, well, I just don’t feel like paying for it. So here’s what I grabbed: Christmas Mambi Chips, a 6×6 Recollections paper pad in Peppermint Twist, and then some page protectors in three designs from Project Life. Luckily, I had this binder from a previous project and then the rest of the supplies were things that I had on hand!

Here are some things that I plan to document:

• Girl’s Shopping Trip
• Kevin’s Birthday
• Work Holiday Party
• Days Off Work
• Main Street Photo Shoot
• Our Christmas Decorations – For the First Time at Our New House
• Holiday Baking/Favorite Cookie Recipe
• Christmas Cards
• Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Plans
• NYE Celebrations

Here are some stories that I hope to tell:

• Favorite Holiday Traditions
• Favorite Ornaments
• A good-bye letter to 2016 / Favorite Memories
• A Christmas Playlist
• Holiday Bucket List
• Christmas morning traditions as kids – who woke up first
• Gift Giving

So that’s a pretty good chunk of things to get me started and that doesn’t even include all of the dog pictures that we all know I’m going to take. I’m hoping to be posting some of these photos and stories along with their corresponding scrapbook spread throughout the month of December, so keep your eyes peeled.


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