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This post has been a long time coming. For years I’ve been watching Ali Edwards and many of other people in the scrapbook community documenting their lives for a day or a week a couple of times per year. I’ve always considered participating but when the day arrived, I always sat back, passively thinking that I would do it when my life was more posh or when I actually had time to take a few photographs during the day (i.e. when I’m working for myself). Every time it came around though, I thought about how much my day to day life would have looked different than it would this time.

So I’m going to stop wishing parts of my life were different or that I took better, more thoughtful pictures or that my house was more clean. This is what my life looked like on a Tuesday in May in 2016.

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11:38 PM // I decided to start with the night before, because I knew I wouldn’t get a picture of this the morning of since Kevin always wakes up before me. This is his morning set up and if you think I’m joking, please refer to Tony’s best man speech talking about how he did this in college. I love this about him and I love that our house smells like coffee every single morning. I always associate the smell of it with the airport because as a kid that was the only place I would smell it since neither of my parents are coffee drinkers. The thought always makes me smile.

 photo B6BAF13B-2389-478B-8E4B-756993B4D6DB_zps1xbme9rj.jpg

6:50 AM // My alarm is going off and I hardly remember to get a photo. Kevin is already up and getting ready for his day. I typically hang out in bed until I hear the shower go off. And then I try to get Chloe up and moving.

 photo BDFD75CA-6D32-45A2-BAE7-FA2B3CED2F34_zpsbukuowkx.jpg

7:05 AM // Chloe sleeps on her Serta Perfect Sleeper at the end of our bed. She’s a sleepy head and has to be prodded to get up most mornings.

 photo 58CBCB08-FDD1-4960-8005-5549F1EDD69C_zpsav2tzwlu.jpg

7:07 AM // Finally up and outside, she is so enjoying the backyard! She’s used to going out and then coming right back in for some kibble.

 photo 8B0B997A-E5DD-472C-9B1E-0E2B2EE65AE3_zpsejwoj0u0.jpg

7:09 AM // Chow time and a huge mess. She does typically go back for the ones she’s knocked onto the floor unless she’s not feeling breakfast, which has been more often since we moved into this house. I think she may have been a continually feeder at one point in her life because she isn’t too worried about eating it all at once. One time Kevin and I read that if you let your dog eat before you, they will think they are the one in charge. Surprise, surprise – she basically is.

 photo 8E80254A-B9E3-46AB-9ADB-CDC458EABFDC_zpsax5ngaws.jpg

7:19 AM // I snap this on my way to take a shower. Sometimes, I’ll sit down for breakfast with him if I have more time. Today I grabbed a shower and made eggs for breakfast, which I didn’t eat until I got to the office.

7:55 AM – I took a couple photos for future blog posts and Instagram. I find that this is the easiest time to get a good photo at this new house based on where my craft room is located.

 photo C79C84FD-CE85-46FB-A6C8-420F9BD0A09E_zpsbqlyqaxy.jpg

8:03 AM // The Chloe Cam gets set up and I make sure I have my journal and lunch in my bag. Chloe gets a little peanut butter in her kong for going into her cage.

 photo 99E9E833-D307-4037-9E5B-9FF36BF9107F_zpslgitzegc.jpg

8:15 AM // My drive to work takes about 6 minutes and as soon as I boot up my computer, our mindfulness page pops up. This allows us to listen to prayers, meditations, yoga sequences and spotify playlists that help us to be more mindful throughout the day. I listen to one of the prayers.

 photo 099D19A5-B5B6-4C55-87BC-763183BD59FB_zpsjolmolox.jpg

9:14 AM // I sit down at my desk and start working away. My desk also converts to standing, so I do use that off and on depending on what I’m doing.

11:53 AM // I eat my lunch that I made before work – popcorn and a turkey, cheese, spinach wrap.

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5:08 PM // I typically leave work at five and as soon as I get home, I check the mail and my peony plants. The anticipation of knowing the color of these beautiful flowers is KILLING me.

 photo 2ec92a3e-cfe9-41f9-a387-e6537ffb4152_zpsq3rlmhdt.jpg

5:20 PM // I start making dinner, which is a new recipe for stuffed pepper tacos. Kevin opts to use regular shells. (It’s really easy, you just pop the cut peppers in the oven at 350 for 7 minutes while you’re cooking the beef and then you fill them like you would a taco and then bake them until the cheese is melted.) We talk over dinner about our day and what’s coming up, some of my favorite conversations happen over this table.

5:50 PM // We sit down to eat and I take lots of pictures. I could probably run a food blog based on quantity of pictures alone.

 photo EDFE3876-2E58-4561-B835-AE0C2763F406_zpsq6rcraw7.jpg

6:21 PM // Kevin does the dishes and I clean up the table. You can tell he’s serious when he puts the towel over his shoulder. (Also, thank goodness for open walls that let me take pictures of these moments.)

 photo 7E0CA498-3843-4093-BF95-20B3B5E030FA_zpsffo3msvr.jpg

6:37 PM // Chloe gets a Cardinals treat and we make her wait so that I can take a photo (she’s waiting for Kevin to tell her it’s ok to get it). We ended up having to take the treat downstairs so she wouldn’t get tons of crumbs on the new rug.

 photo 58CB9D79-481A-47D9-81FD-455E1C8A6F5C_zpsbkaeqloy.jpg

8:11 PM // I work on my Pinterest presence and check out which of my pins are getting the most hits and repins.

 photo 1D755954-0EA5-424A-AD21-DCEAB3FD13D0_zpsyy0pxosn.jpg

9:01 PM // Meanwhile, Cole and Josh are over and we flip between the blues and video games. I don’t remember what they are playing, but Chloe wouldn’t mind sharing the brownies.

 photo 8C02CC31-8826-4CDA-93DA-552322E312BD_zpsg27z5bpw.jpg

9:13 PM // Third period is back on, so we flip back to the game. Blues ended up losing to the Sharks 0-4, tying the series 1-1.

 photo 0B46FB14-BFB9-4C78-8BF6-558EA657DEAB_zps3nes3cau.jpg

10:38 PM // The guys turn the video games back on, so I head upstairs for some quiet-time and a bit of journaling in my traveler’s notebook.

11:15 PM // Time to start getting ready for tomorrow before we hit the hay!

There you have it, a whole days worth of photos. Definitely not the most exciting or eventful day but looking back I am seeing the things that matter and the things that I continually say I want to work on – quiet time with the Lord, spending time and having meaningful conversation with Kevin, the side hustle of my small business/blog and being hospitable to friends. These are the days that matter, the ones that I think seem less significant and the ones where nothing eventful happens. Hindsight really is 20/20, I’m a lot more grateful for this day now. It’s so strange how we keep moving and everything’s the same, but suddenly you look back and everything is different! I’m excited to do a similar post a few times a year just to be able to look back at how life changes.


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