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7:22am – My mornings have been so lazy lately. I don’t think that there has ever been a time in my life that I’ve slept in as late as I do now. How ridiculous is that? Kevin always gets up first and takes a shower. When I hear him turn the faucet off, that’s my cue to get out of bed and get Chloe taken care of. This is generally perfect timing so that I’m hopping in the shower as soon as he’s done.
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8:13am – Of course, getting out of bed as late as I did Thursday makes me later than I’d like to be for work, but of course I can’t leave without giving Chloe some peanut butter. I don’t have a set time that I have to be at work by, but I’m generally there between 8 and 8:15am.
 photo 8A0FDA48-BD8E-4BB7-9A48-B8C85E653585_zpsff9cvrkw.jpg

8:14am – I just had to grab a picture of our front porch on my way out. I even posted it on instagram saying, “I’ll probably hate myself for it in a few weeks, but I love these leaves!” Luckily it only takes about 5 minutes for me to drive to work, so I didn’t end up getting there too late. I hope I never take this short, stress-free commute for granted.

 photo 2512252D-3B43-498F-A5E6-DEBD85B8C396_zpshjxcxxa1.jpg

8:26am – WERK WERK WERK. This is just a few feet to the left of my desk, which I would have taken a picture of if it wasn’t such a mess and full of notes with private information.
 photo CA89A0DE-C37D-40D5-B2B4-30919C7D49FD_zpsflpkjr8l.jpg

11:02am – I had a meeting at Booches downtown, so I grabbed a table before everyone got there. This place has delicious burgers but, note to self, I need to try the chili next time.
 photo D1D39A60-F458-4B58-BF91-C1F916646D73_zpsmswekuiw.jpg

5:09pm – Home for the day and Kevin was getting home around at the same time. We received a package (my new sign) and got to hang it up pretty much immediately.
 photo 1D90C2AD-4673-4DDA-90F4-F51FBA91BD87_zpstbgwfkcl.jpg

5:44pm – Not pictured, food. We reheated some leftovers in the toaster oven from the night before, so it didn’t take any time at all. I’ve been trying to work through my family recipe book so this meal was the chicken casserole from Aunt Ellie. I’d give it 5 stars, especially because it was quick and easy. As per usual, Kevin washed the dishes and I dried them. It’s always so much better to get the dishes completely done instead of leaving them to dry on the counter for what would most likely be days.
 photo 2777EB78-D00B-4132-B97C-B5563F2FCA2F_zpsxxinhnd5.jpg

5:51pm – We’ve been doing some work on Kevin’s office lately, so he hooked up his speakers while I watched. Chloe’s got her toy octopus in the background.
 photo 97B21941-EBD3-4569-B093-AA9D1B1320CE_zpsftfizdo5.jpg

6:27pm – See what I mean? It’s amazing isn’t it? Originally, I wasn’t sure what I was going to put here, but this sign from Small Woods turned out to be the perfect size (if you click through the link, ours is the XL version). It reminds me of Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” photo 43F923A6-1261-4428-B51F-F1381ECDA7B7_zpsm9ekvsi7.jpg

10:50pm – Typically, the guys get together on Thursday nights, so sometimes the girls will too. This time, it was just Sarah and I, so we talked the whole night and I got a sneak peek of the presentation she was doing Saturday for the Bravery Board. I’m super thankful to have best friends as neighbors.
 photo 97ABE8D6-0EE9-4867-9DB4-3EC0A9BD532C_zpsw7lgysdb.jpg

11:35pm – After we got home, we played with Chloe in the backyard. She’s getting better at bringing back the ball or Frisbee when we play fetch. I love photos of her after playing because she’s always smiling.
 photo FEBF6E04-E1AB-4135-A92F-AB3095A9212F_zpsrr16nl8f.jpg

11:36pm – Of course I got jealous of Chloe and Kevin’s photo and had to get in one. This is what happened.
 photo 240AB471-4C44-42DA-9E77-1DC3881B3D30_zpsq0mooqbk.jpg

11:36pm – Us just trying to get a good ole family selfie.
 photo BFE90D01-CECD-4BC9-9B7D-94A52F117258_zpsfkw2rb9l.jpg

There ya have it, a whole day worth of photos. If you haven’t seen my previous posts, you can find them here (May), here (August) and here (September). I just love doing this, and I could totally see myself doing it on a monthly basis. I guess it goes without saying, but life goes so quickly and just seeing how different life was a couple months ago makes me realize how important it is to document my life.


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