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12:26 PM // I wouldn’t be true to documenting an entire day if I didn’t include that we were up past midnight. There’s no one I’d rather lay next to and look at my phone with. (ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS)

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9:11 AM // Chloe let us sleep in for quite a while, which was great! She always comes to my side of the bed on the weekends when it’s time to get up! She’ll just put her cold nose on my arm until I start moving and then she waits at the bedroom door.

 photo IMGP0013_zpsoje1qjem.jpg

9:18 AM // After going outside, it’s time to get eat! I always think it’s hilarious because she never stands in front of the bowl like you would normally see a dog doing.

 photo IMGP0026_zpsj7u7llcv.jpg

9:38 AM // Kevin and Chloe go on a walk. I was trying to capture just how excited she gets when we tell her.

 photo IMGP0028_zpsnlpjaorq.jpg

10:05 AM // Linnea is staying with us this weekend (not pictured because she had a wedding to go to) and she brought us a ton of fresh picked blueberries! They were a delicious breakfast multiple days in a row.

 photo IMGP0038_zpseoctbdcv.jpg

10:26 AM // Two mile walks tire this girl out. (Not pictured: all the drool on my floor)

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11:06 AM // Dog Days of Summer was going on in Downtown Columbia, so we walked around for a little while! Neither of us found anything that we needed at the sale but I did stop into Poppy for a few greeting cards.

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1:05 PM // We popped over to Flat Branch for our favorites and actually had the worst experience we’ve had there. (We don’t plan on letting that stop us from going back though.)

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1:12 PM // Running some errands with this guy. I’m not used to having such good spur of the moment photos of him, so taking my big camera out for this day made me super happy!

 photo IMGP0046_zps8qw5kbdo.jpg

2:03 PM // A trip to Sam’s Club and Lowe’s. We miss being right across the street from these two stores. Today we needed dog food, some groceries, and light bulbs.

 photo IMGP0048_zps9xwloezc.jpg

2:34 PM // Basking in the sun after we got home.

 photo IMGP0057_zps7czjn9o0.jpg

5:58 PM // Kevin was at a movie and I ran to Schnucks to grab something I didn’t need in bulk for the week and I came home to find a shredded box on the floor. Chloe has been getting into things every now and again when we leave her alone. She knows immediately when we get home that she’s in trouble and then she’ll nuzzle me until I’m not mad.

 photo IMGP0071_zpsvvhi3jnp.jpg

7:02 PM // I made “healthy” sweet and sour chicken for dinner using this recipe.  I typically half the sauce recipe because the first time I made it, there was way too much!

 photo IMGP0074_zpsijkceqwa.jpg

7:44 // Kevin showing me something on the iPad after dinner.

 photo IMGP0077_zpsdcus2jun.jpg

9:02 // I’m working on finishing up a few pages in my Traveler’s Notebook. The art always comes pretty natural and quickly but the writing takes for ever. I am always glad that I take the time to do it though.

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9:44 PM // A little late, but this girl gets a treat in her Kong every night. It keeps her busy for a while!

 photo IMGP0094_zpsohfuqzrt.jpg

11:45 PM // We went to Barnes and Noble for the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Surprisingly enough, this is the first book release I’ve ever been to but probably won’t be my last. I know JK says that she isn’t writing anymore but I’m going to keep my hopes up!


There you have it, a days worth of DSLR photos. I loved that this was on a weekend so I could document how incredibly different it is from the last time I completed this series! I know the day-to-day is going to be what I want to remember, so what better way to document it!


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