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A month ago today, Kevin and I adopted our sweet Chloe.

We had always always knew that getting a dog was a no-brainer for us but we thought that we would have to wait quite a bit longer for that dream to come true. Luckily, we ended up finding a few adoptable dogs through Second Chance and the landlords decided that they would let us have a dog after all, as long as it was over a year old and potty trained. We went to the next adoption event to meet the dogs, and ended up falling in love with Chloe, a 1.5 year old yellow “labraheeler” (Labrador retriever + Australian cattle dog).

While we had already submitted an application online, we were unable to take her home that day because we had not been approved and Chloe was still recovering from her spay surgery. Throughout the next week, we waited (impatiently) to be approved and we began to get the necessities (ie. cage, bowls, serta perfect sleeper dog bed, and food).

We picked her up on Saturday morning and they took this picture of us to post to their facebook page. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been the type of person that believes you should only adopt, but our experience with Second Chance was so great that it has us thinking that if we get another dog in the future we will go the same route. We have been so lucky and it’s rewarding to know that we took in dog that didn’t have a permanent home.
 photo 07313C0F-949B-4AA7-8D2F-50C9EC8981A7_zpsyeyb3mbh.jpgWhile it did take her a bit to adjust to another new environment, she has been absolutely spoiled since before day one (have I mentioned that she has a serta perfect sleeper dog bed?) and she has been doing better the longer she is with us. She enjoys going for rides, watching tv, the dog park and playing with her new bff Luca (Tony + Alex’s dog). photo EDD386B1-01A1-4AED-8250-65F8CB7DB837.png_zpsbavhmfdy.jpegWhen we got her, we were told that she was a stray but Kevin and I always joke that she must have been found within minutes of being loose because she is such a diva. She hates the rain and if there is concrete she would much rather walk on that than the grass. She also has treat preferences – the training ones are apparently not good enough for her. But I have to admit, we got pretty lucky. Chloe is easily the most calm dog in the entire world – she doesn’t bark at the door bell and when we have a visitor, she will sniff them and then sit down and wait to be scratched. She also sleeps as much as I would like to. #jealous photo CD6B30AA-192B-4924-96FB-CE74452FD0DB_zpsd2ogxcel.jpgMy phone camera roll basically just consists of her now. Here are a few more.

 photo 53D8BE7D-F402-4D19-BBDF-996E7E727746_zpslveqobvz.jpg photo 303BC9AB-4FE1-4D5B-96AE-6DBFEAE18D14_zps95gacjyd.jpg photo 60C3B5FE-D6EF-4F78-A70C-7A95CF03FA8B_zpsc0gt9c6j.jpg photo 470CDE0B-75CA-4A93-ADD8-5E2941F6334C_zpsvqjwyznc.jpg photo A6C54EC9-9933-49B0-AF8B-AAC8D8390D2A_zps3ijkvato.jpg photo C0F0C18E-A76A-451B-9478-E92ED2C9032A_zpsmwggabgc.jpg photo 0F3B41BF-7312-4618-80E9-DE9F95B142F5_zps5df9mvct.jpgThanks for reading!



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