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Chicago has, no doubt, captured our hearts. Kevin and I had both been in the past, but never together. When we heard that Chicago was the closest that Billy Joel was going to get to us, we knew that we had to plan a trip. We have both been wanting to see Billy Joel for a while and when he came during college, we just couldn’t swing the outrageous ticket prices. We left on a Thursday at 6am and stayed until 1pm on Sunday, leaving plenty of time for lots of shopping, touring, and good eats. We decided to fly, which meant that we had to rely on public transportation – a total win! Arriving at the “L” subway station at 8am meant that we got to people watch and see the exchange of all the local people traveling to work.

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We dropped off our bags at the hotel and went to check out Michigan Ave – which was all still closed. So we had a quick bite. There is food everywhere but actually choosing is so darn complicated. One time we went to a chicken sandwich place and settled for a donut. Makes sense. photo 2A562F33-03C6-4435-BDF8-6B12257FCA9C_zpssrt6yzzl.jpg

So we actually ate a lot – here is my lunch. Of course we weren’t going to pass up some good deep dish, amiright?! Personal sized > sharing.

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When we finally got to check into our hotel room, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and decor – the mix of neutrals + that purple chair/pull out twin bed from Pottery Barn rocks. It turns out that our hotel was a pretty poppin’ place – a fancy restaurant and a club on the fourth floor. Kevin and I didn’t make it to either but we did feel pretty cool walking straight into the hotel at 11pm while everyone else was waiting in line. SUCKERS! We found out that three days after we left, Dan Bilzarian was there. If you don’t know who he is – he’s a professional poker player. That’s all you need to know, don’t bother looking him up. Lord know’s what you’ll see.

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Thursday night was the concert and we spent a couple hours before it checking out Wrigleyville – aka where the Cubs play. The food near there was decent and the stadium was less than stellar BUT you guys, BILLY JOEL WAS AMAZING. And also, Gavin DeGraw opened the show. He was great too! The thing I loved about Billy Joel was that since he hasn’t come out with new music lately (actually since the year I was born!) and a couple times he let the audience choose between two songs to decide what he was going to play next. During Uptown girls, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence came out and danced on his piano. I could go on and on. It was the most amazing concert.

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Of course, we had to go to Shake Shack. It was my first time there and it was so tasty. Also, it turns out that this is one of the few places in all of Chicago that has Coke products. Kevin and I are pretty particular (Pepsi sucks), so that – and the Blackhawks and Cubs fans – were the only downsides to Chicago.

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Next, we walked on over to Millennium Park because we had to check out the bean and get a picture. We didn’t stay long because look at all those tourists. HA!

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I was also really pumped to check out one of the botanical parks in the park, but it turned out to be some weeds and dead looking plants. The stone path was pretty cool though.

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Before we left, Kevin and I each made a list of things that we for sure wanted to do on the trip so that we could make sure that we didn’t miss anything! One of my goals while on the trip was to try some macaroons. I’ve been seeing these things all over blog land in the form of stickers, charms and plush toys…I mean these things are huge. And of course I loved them, I mean, what’s not to love about cookies?

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Thankfully, my parents watched our sweet pup. She was exhausted on the ride home – obviously she had a wonderful vacation as well!

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