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Breakfast dates with Kevin are kind of my favorite. They’re spontaneous and fun and help us to mix up the work week funk that we sometimes get into.

 photo 6D843DD5-FA92-4168-B9FD-AE460AF2ECC7_zps1k8vdv14.jpg photo 435473A7-6D3C-4DFD-9E78-2E91FC79D482_zpsk9ja0cxi.jpg

A few weeks ago, we tried out a brand new place called Nourish in downtown Columbia, MO. Kevin clued me into it on one of his afternoon walks and of course, since it had the same name as my Word of the Year, we had to go immediately after it opened. It just so happened to be one of those places that I just knew walking up to it that it was going to be my new favorite. Besides the outdoor seating area, the decor was just my style with lots of clean lines.

 photo BF60D967-ADD2-4DBD-8370-B0C137406132_zpsds44cvvf.jpg

Of course, we started out by awkwardly looking at the menu for way to long, mostly trying to distinguish the difference between “v” and “vg”. One is for vegan and one is for vegetarian and I couldn’t even tell you which is which now, so I guess it’s good that it doesn’t really matter to us. I settled on the Southwest Breakfast Bowl and Kevin got the Breakfast Greens bowl and then we shared some energy bites, just to try them.

 photo 6B09F307-0036-4CA8-9237-50861100FD62_zpsom5mzgsp.jpg photo D8BBFF6C-320D-4B6B-9831-C7E11E89616E_zpssg0p4d53.jpg

While we waited for our food, we talked about the week as I took photos of all the things. The decor is great – again, nice and clean, big windows and lots of lighting, which is my favorite. We people watched through the window, it would be perfect to sit and journal (so I’ll keep that in mind).

 photo CF3F3086-94C8-4A67-8D03-DD40EEE37197_zps4vrt0x4m.jpg photo 6F08386B-6EA0-4FBB-82BE-954EBA4F1FDC_zpszwvor6d7.jpg

When my breakfast came out it looked delicious – black beans, salsa, roasted tomatoes, onions, peppers, pepper jack cheese and toasted pepita seeds topped with 2 eggs your way (I chose scrambled). Both of our bowls were delicious, albeit a little more spice-y than I was expecting. Not spicy in a hot kind of way, but more like a lot of spices leading to super flavor. Good thing they gave us a quart of water.

 photo 48370A13-F5A1-4781-A1F5-FA14393F2931_zpsqwrmyw0h.jpg

Kevin had some time to kill before heading to work, so he hung around for a bit after I left. It gave me the perfect opportunity for a photo of our spot!

 photo 1F9EDFC2-A74C-41AB-8510-F4A02E43FCA1_zpsfstitrrs.jpg photo 8C610329-BB49-4634-B8AE-68FCB8E1818B_zpszugxz1lt.jpg

Ordinary days like this help me to see my life a little differently. I take more pictures and I feel more feels because doing things that make me happy make me want to hold on to the moments tighter so that I can slow down my life and really savor the heck out of the entire day. Then, I get to relive each moment as I upload pictures and retell the story so that it’s saved for years to come.

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