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It’s funny how much my ideal day has changed in the past couple of months. Before March, my job had me at work five days a week with two non-consecutive days off. With working the hours of 11am-7pm, my schedule was wonky and my days felt longer than imaginable. Then, my now was my ideal week. Every day I wished that I had a regular 9am-5pm job with two weekend days off so that I could spend time with friends and family. So when I accepted the offer for this new job, I promised myself that I would never take it for granted. I am living my realistic ideal week.

All that being said, my ideal day would definitely be a Saturday. Preferably, I would wake up pretty early feeling refreshed without an alarm blaring in my ear. I’d probably get out my journal and write a few lines while my brain is still in dream land. Kevin and I would get ready and then go to a local coffee shop for some yummy breakfast and an iced chai while we talked about blogging and writing and all the things. He always has great ideas.
 photo 589A3D27-F7CA-4E54-B422-7DE2FCCD28C2_zps1ribny4c.jpgWe would come home and then I would work on my journaling bible while Kevin watched TV next to me on the couch. Around eleven, we would go check out a farmers market and I would pick out a few stems of gorgeous flowers to bring home and put in our vase. We’d meander around and get lunch at a food truck. photo 374692AA-E192-4F24-84FD-0287A3E79C13_zps8fqsfbtj.jpgIn the afternoon, we’d take Chloe for a walk on campus or the MKT trail and I’d take all the pretty pictures of my feet and the flowers. Later on, I’d make sure that we found our way over to the library or a bookstore. photo 1395B935-BDC7-4E9B-8188-21F0F4643A8A_zpsw4c9zsul.jpg Ideally both mine and Kevin’s family would come in town and we would BBQ up some dinner. We’d wrap up this entire day with some drinks at OTR with a couple friends.
 photo DA711ECE-0C67-4AF0-A975-8584A27D2816_zpsbtasxv8m.jpg
If I were going all “not realistic” on this ideal day, all of the above would take place in Hawaii. Substitute walking on campus with walking on a beach and substitute the indoor coffee shop for and outside one and we are good to go. Also, all aforementioned family and friends would get to tag along.

What would your ideal day look like?


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