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Cameras + Coffee | Reading | Bible Journaling | Wildflowers | Color Swatch | Tulips

So as it turns out, this prompt was a little too inspiring. It was about time for some blog changes anyways. The last time it got a real update and layout change was aboutt two years ago. As I considered what I wanted to use as my inspiration I thought of my favorite styles and the colors I enjoy. Earlier this year, when I was planning for our wedding, I felt like it was really important to verbalize my style so that I could use it to explain what I was looking for – I wanted to put a name to it. I ended up coming to vintage chic, but I recently realized that adding “classic” to the front would neutralize the vintage and make it not feel so…girly and repurposed. I love a good timeless look. I also felt like it was important to include some things that I enjoy blogging about such as bible journaling and flowers and cameras. Tomorrow I’ll be talking a little more in detail about some of those things. See ya then!


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