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I tend to go in spurts when it comes to gardening, but I always love having plants around the house. If you saw my home tour that I posted a few days ago, you’ll know that all my plants hang out together on my bookshelf in a little spot that’s perfect for plants that need a bit of light. I have them organized so that the ones that need the most light are the closest to the window and the ones that need indirect light are more out of the sun.

 photo 27883601-d107-4b09-92c9-c05d3f3fab64_zpsnkzhwdrl.jpg

As of right now, there’s seven total and they’re all different, which is a first! I’m keeping track of them and their “needs” on my flower power app. I talked about this a couple gardening posts ago when Kevin gave it to me for my birthday, but basically there is a wireless plant monitor that goes into the soil to help track the amount of water, light, fertilizer, and temperature. If the plant needs more water or less sunlight, I’ll get an alert to my phone or watch. Right now, I have it tracking the African Violet because that seems to be the one that I’m having the most trouble keeping alive and it has yet to flower this year, although the leaves are getting awfully large.

 photo 8A3AC427-98AB-49B8-8876-BD9F85D9395F_zpsqqd9pfrl.jpg

Last year, my mom gave me three of these and this is the only one that’s made it despite me doing everything exactly the same to all three. Hopefully I’ll be able to at least keep this one from dying. Since I took this photo, I’ve replanted it in a wider and deeper pot, so I’m hoping that will be helpful.

Of the other six, the top three were gifts from my friend Alex. I’m not sure what that first one is, but the middle one is aloe and the top right is aeonium. The bottom bunch are brand new and I’ve managed to find them all on my app. They are Wandering Jew, Living Stone, and Mosaic Plant. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the Living Stone since I fell in love with the weird things in the Green House in college and was finally able to find this guy at Walmart (of all places)! They weren’t in that great of shape, but I think this one will start doing better now that his pot is bigger than an inch in diameter.
 photo B9A24CB7-28F0-4F19-9BF7-0E59C38BB5C5_zpsczklrfoq.jpg

So there you have it: the current garden! I’m not looking to add anything new right away but I’d love to add an airplant and maybe a hanging plant in the mix sometime in the future. If you have any suggestions of your favorites, I’d love to hear what they are! Thanks for reading!

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