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This was my first time doing Day in the Life by the hour as opposed to just snapping a photo whenever I felt like it. I have to say, while I did like it, it was much harder for me to remember to take one on the hour, every hour. Of course the day that I had planned to do this challenge was dreary and rainy, so forgive me for the darker than normal photos, but I guess that’s real life.

7:00am – We are typically waking up right around this time but today Chloe came and nudged me a bit earlier so we were up and at em. Chloe generally goes outside right away but with the rain she was really trying to prevent that nonsense. Here she is looking out the window.
 photo DCE27E84-B5C2-41F6-8AF9-2264A8E7E1F5_zpssuhnoosb.jpg

8:00am – I was pulling into the parking lot at work so I grabbed a shot before I left the house. This is our Chloe Cam that we set up every day before we leave. She’s enjoying some peanut butter as I head out.
 photo 62FCD506-1F8F-4276-967A-465D053FB749_zpskxxlydpy.jpg

9:00am-5:00pm – This is my view. I had a few meetings this day but this is the general idea.
 photo E88CC9FF-F8EC-49A6-9DFE-A0912706CE92_zpsmc2s5s7r.jpg

6:00pm – Kevin, Chloe and I took a couple mile walk after work since the rain had cleared up.
 photo E40B7E12-8CFD-40B7-BDA0-875820DCECDB_zpsjlowlkir.jpg

7:00pm-8:00pm – We had dinner at a new restaurant with Alex and Tony! Kevin and I were so happy to have them there because the entire experience was painful to be a part of. Our food took FOREVER and we had to ask the waitress three times for our bread. Tony entertained us with his magic tricks.
 photo B372021D-FC97-4F74-B900-5872140D6AFC_zpsujqwprwz.jpg

9:00pm-10:00pm – After dinner, I relaxed on the couch with a book (The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership) while Kevin did things on the computer.
 photo 18394AAB-F43B-4429-BA5C-1B8C491FB9F6_zpsz1l8icse.jpg

There you have it, the least amount of photos I’ve ever posted for a Day in the Life! You can see other ones here and here.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

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