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Let me go all basic white girl on you and tell you just how ready for fall that I am. After a couple weeks of downright hot and humid weather here in the midwest, I’m just ready for jeans and a little sweater and call it good. I would say that I have a pretty set style and I’m not willing to follow a lot of the trends just because I either don’t like them or they don’t fit my body type well. I find most of my favorite clothing at Loft, The Limited, Macy’s, Gap, and Dillard’s and I’m under the impression with clothes that you get what you pay for. Because I don’t go with more trendy options, I find myself keeping pieces for longer periods of time which means that quality is key.

I’m pretty fortunate because my new job does not have a specific dress code. We spend the majority of our time speaking with clients on the phone, so the company isn’t too worried what we are wearing as long as we don’t offend our co-workers. Sounds great, right? Except that after a few days of wearing sweat pants, you’re going to want to look a little put together, you know, just so your co-workers know that you have real clothes. I typically try to wear jeans and a nice top, which is great because my weekend wardrobe and workday wardrobe are intertwined.

Recently, I was looking into the minimalism lifestyle and capsule wardrobe projects and I thought that now would be as good of a time as ever since I can get away with wearing the same things more often. It’s really appealing to me from the aspect of saving creative energy from picking out clothes everyday. One day I had spent quite a bit of time looking through how to do it only to take a look at my closet and notice that I don’t even have the minimum amount of clothing that this particular blog suggests having. Womp womp. So that didn’t really work out. But as I build my wardrobe back up for fall, I’m starting to consider where I have gaps in my clothing needs as opposed to just buying to buy. Below are some of the trends I love and hate…for me!

Trends I Love:

  • lace
  • huge purses
  • pearls
  • military jackets
  • flats
  • boots
  • dark denim
  • zippers
  • leopard print
  • soft colors
  • watches
  • neutrals
  • statement necklaces
  • straight leg/skinny jeans
  • toms shoes
  • scoop necks

Trends to Pass on:

  • baggy shirts
  • yoga pants
  • tiny purses
  • shoes with heels
  • light wash jeans
  • printed t-shirts
  • bright colors
  • nautical themes
  • clutch style bags
  • peplum
  • leather
  • button downs
  • pleats
  • fur
  • high-waisted anything
  • skirts
  • turtle necks
  • plaid
  • tights

I’d love to know what you think about my favorite trends! Think there is something I should try, leave me a comment below!


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