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I’ve been reading blogs since before I started mine. There’s just something to having a personal scrapbook and life story online that seems both inspiring and challenging to me. I’ve always been a sucker for stories, but they don’t have to be about anything special or significant. Some of my favorite posts I’ve written are lists or just include pictures. It may not mean a thing to anyone else, but if it makes me happy, you can find it here.

The original prompt was to include only posts I had written, but I changed it up a little to also include some of my favorite posts that I’ve saved on my blog reader because you might like those as well!


We Bought A House – A recent post about the process of purchasing our home!

Chloe the Dog – The first post of many.

I Want To Remember: Two Months of Marriage – I love this type of post because it can be used at any given time and so easily helps to take you back to that time frame.

Making the Most of Monday – A lot of my posts are reminders to myself, this one especially. I go through phases where I can’t wait to get to the weekend and then I remember the time when I didn’t have a typical weekend because of the way my old job was set up. It’s all about changing the way of thinking to start your week off on the right foot.

Raw – This is a post about trusting in God and His timing. I could easily edit this post now to say how much things have even changed since that was posted. A year and a half later, I’m still loving the job but I’m also transitioning to a leadership role, which I know is exactly where God wants me to be right now.

His & Hers – This was probably one of my favorite posts to write/photograph! I just love having Kevin involved and incorporating his photos to my projects.

I Want You to Know – A liberating post about why social media is hard.

Self Portraiture – Why I believe in the selfie.

Our Proposal – Our sweet story and all the photos that go along with it!


What Hospitality Is by Guest Blogger Edit Wadsworth over at the Nesting Place

Running Away: To Still and Quiet by Jess Connolly

How to Keep a Travelogue by Caylee Grey

What to do When You Have Too Many Ideas by Elise Cripe

The Secret of Hospitality (Hint: It is NOT Space) by Bronwyn Lea over at SheLoves Magazine

A Liquid Offering by Megan Gahan over at SheLoves Magazine

What are your favorite blog posts?

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