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Photographing photos of my dog like it’s my job. (what’s new?)
Reading The Five Levels of Leadership by John C Maxwell
Playing with my new Instax Share printer
Watching VEEP and loving it.
Trying to get back into Bible Journaling regularly. My desk needs some help though!
Cooking steaks for Labor day.
Eating out with both sides of the family for dinner.
Drinking Diet Coke to make it through the drive home.
Calling my mom always.
Texting to see who is posting which photo from this past weekend.
Pinning all the fall clothes and flowers
Tweeting retweets. That’s about all I do on Twitter.
Going home from a long wedding weekend in south east Missouri!
Loving all the time I got to spend with my friends this weekend! I cannot express how rejuvenated I feel.
Discovering that I’m working harder on my word for the year than I ever have in the past.
Thinking about the most productive way to get to zero inbox, and quick!
Feeling a little overwhelmed that this challenge just happened to fall within my first couple weeks in my new role at work and at the beginning of football season…there’s a lot going on over here!
Hoping to relax tomorrow on my day off.
Listening to Tell Em Steve Dave with Kevin in the car.
Ordering nothing! But I am picking up a few shirts for fall.
Thanking the Lord for long weekends.
Starting a new Instax photo book since I’ve been printing out more pictures!
Finishing up my calendar for the week in my bullet journal!

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