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Happy Sunday, my friends! I’m excited for this prompt because Instagram is my favorite form of social media!

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Caylee Grey

I found Caylee’s beautiful Instagram a few years ago and have since joined her art journaling group, Get Messy. I love everything about her design style and her beautiful lettering. Caylee is also the master of the overhead shot. You can also find her blog here.

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Ali Brown

Oh Ali, I just love every single picture that she posts. Ali is amazing at all things watercolor and posts about her beautiful traveler’s notebooks as well. If you like these photos, you should also check out her YouTube channel because it’s the bomb.

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Bonita Rose

Bonita posts the most vibrant photos of anyone I’ve ever seen. She has tons of traveler’s notebooks and also lives in Florida which means that her feed includes lots of beautiful greenery and flowers. Bonita is a newer addition to my feed, but her photos are so inspiring!

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Lynzee Lucas

Lynzee is the best of the best when it comes to bible journaling – her florals are something else. I’d love to have a chance to flip through that bible.

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Joanna Gaines

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Chip and Joanna’s show, Fixer Upper, so how can I not love her IG as well? I could spend all day looking at her photos and I just love that the captions are always so personable and relate-able. As you can tell, her garden and plants are always a fave.

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