CURRENTLY by Jacqueline and Kevin Reape on

Reading | The Artist’s Way…although it’s taking me quite a while to get through it.
Planning | how i’m going to get caught up on Project Life.
Watching | lots and lots of YouTube videos… a few of my favorite channels to watch are Ali Brown, Little Ink, and Amy Tangerine.
Trying | to take a break from social media.
Cooking | pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches and buffalo dip, but not together.
Eating | flat bread pizzas and kit salads.
Drinking | sparkling water.
Calling | my mom. of course.
Texting | B. love that girl.
Pinning | lots of art journal and notebook inspiration. *heart-eyed emoji*
Tweeting | about Mizzou.
Going | to the library more often than I ever have in my life.
Loving | fresh flowers at home.
Discovering | the awesomeness that is Chic Sparrow.
Thinking | about waking up a little earlier than normal this week.
Feeling | overwhelmed by creative ideas.
Hoping | and praying for the Lord to move in big ways.
Listening | to Youtube videos and Chloe chewing on her antler.
Celebrating | the weekend’s wins…Cardinals, Mizzou and Rams. Booya.
Smelling | the outdoors, I’m so glad it’s open window weather.
Thanking | God for the way His plan has played out in the last year.
Considering | what the next step for my online shop is…there are so many things I want to do!
Starting | The Best Yes for a book club at work.
Finishing | my current journal…on to the next one!