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A few weeks ago while checking out my instagram feed, I noticed that someone posted a picture of their bible with the hashtag #biblejournaling – It was a really neat picture of their Bible, thick margins with lots of pretty writing. With these being two of my favorite things in one hashtag, I was curious, so I clicked on it to see the group of photos that shared the same theme. What my eyes beheld was completely amazing. I looked through every single picture on that hashtag and quickly found other hashtags that people were using. It was amazing and the photos varied from hand written, to colored pencil drawings to things taped and glued right in. It was unbelievable and the more I searched, the more I was lead to more and more amazingness that is bible journaling. During the same week, I was so excited that I purchased a bible with journaling margins and I found a few podcast recommendations online that had the theme of art journaling.
 photo 3F0484B5-0F9B-4FB8-B301-350847E72F76_zpsxoiet9p0.jpg
Thanks to the recommendation of the podcast and previous get messy ideas, I wanted to use “traditional” art journaling ideas in my bible (as opposed to just stickers and colored pencils). I went out and purchased Tim Holtz Distress Inks, daubers and mini misters from Michaels, as well as some alpha stickers from JoAnn’s. Because needless to say, when my Bible came in, I wanted to be ready to go.

And I was. As soon as my bible came in, I stopped looking online at inspiration and let God and my passion for art take the reigns. It became all that I wanted to do when I was at home and I even sketched out a few pages at work using verses that I knew by heart. This was filling me with so much joy – a joy that I knew could only come from time of worship with the Lord. Each time I have opened this new bible, I have been so eager to spend time listening to what God has to say through these words and through my creativity.
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About a week after I got it, I was having a very late night conversation with my friend about worship. We talked about how our realtional God meets with us differently and how He knows which passions and talents He has given us that help us connect the most to Him. I just kept thinking, I found it. I FOUND IT. This is how I enjoy spending time with Him and this is how I really dig deep. This is how I worship best. Maybe not for always, but definitely for right now.

Tomorrow, I’ll have some exciting news – so stay tuned!


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