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I am overwhelmed. When I got the idea to do this giveaway, I seriously considered whether or not anyone would enter. But I trusted that God would allow me to bless one person. But in just three days, I have ‘met’ many new online friends and heard stories from others. The more that I hear, the more my heart breaks. Some friends can’t afford bibles. Some who are going through hardships. And some who haven’t met Jesus yet. And to all of these people, I wish with all my heart that I could afford more bibles to give away. Yet, at the same time, I have learned even more about Jesus, my heart, and what this season is about. Even though I am unable to give this kit to all of you, I have been praying. If you left me a comment describing some need, I have prayed specifically for you and your need. If you didn’t, I have prayed that God would meet you where you are.

Thank you so much for entering, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season full of the important things.


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