She believes that books are sacred time traveling agents.

She believes that joy is something worth seeking every single day, all she has to do is be thankful.

She believes that yeses have more power when there are also nos.

She believes that imagination can make simple tasks more exciting.

She believes in early morning productivity, chai tea, and late night conversations. And naps, always naps.

She believes in savoring each moment and freezing time with photographs.

She believes in buying herself flowers and going out of her way for self care.

She believes in being imperfect and making ugly art on purpose.

She believes in having five journals at a time and writing her feelings.

She believes that creating art is a form of worship to the Artist, Himself.

She believes that a good night’s sleep is a dream come true.

She believes that a smile is the best accessory.

She believes that leaves falling and crunching make the happiest walks.

She believes in learning and improving daily, in challenging herself.

She believes that bad days are a reminder to be thankful for the good ones.