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I sit here in our brand new kitchen thinking about how much my life has changed since I last posted. Now I have a HUSBAND, a new apartment and a new job! Oh wait, I haven’t mentioned the job yet – guys! I got a new job!! There have been lots of exciting things going on over here.

So here’s a little re-cap:

On March 7, Kevin and I got married! It is easily my favorite day ever even though it went by SO QUICKLY. Everyone says that it does, but everyone says a lot of other things too. Like stress levels would be through the roof (they weren’t) and that the bride and groom never have time to eat (we did). IT WAS THE BEST. Here are some pictures of the day, most of them are from friends (thanks!).

 photo 3BEDCD9B-59E9-4AC6-9C56-36032517F435_zpsqsshdqbp.jpg photo 50236EE8-6113-485D-BF03-6434D026913B_zpsnxifpjxw.jpg
ANNNND the sneak peek from our photographer:
 photo A7186A5C-F38D-499E-93BB-870D83894075_zpsignsswra.jpgEverything about the day was perfect. I’ll be posting more detail oriented things soon!

We left on March 9 for the honeymoon. Crazy thing about it is that I didn’t know where we were going until AFTER the wedding. I was dying to know but it was also the best to look at pictures and watch videos of St. Lucia at the hotel with my brand new hubby! St. Lucia was absolutely beautiful and perfect (other than the airport being the size of our living room and holding 6 plane-loads of people…LOL!). In the near future, I’ll be making the honeymoon into it’s own post because we all know I have plenty of pictures to do so. BUT, here are a few to tide you over.
 photo 62DD3DD4-051B-482E-AB76-BC76F108881B_zpsbhrauaje.jpg photo 360E2ECD-6378-4E42-8D30-6951AD5E44DD_zps4kf0xbjz.jpg photo E532A818-7B81-4E90-B134-73218D63890D_zps7yfrzr4s.jpg photo B71BD846-CF1E-451B-B391-296592DB6EBE_zpsn0d52cep.jpgIt was absolutely gorgeous and in the 70’s and 80’s the entire time with no rain – can’t beat that!

As soon as we got back from the honeymoon, I was due to start my new job at a company in Columbia called Veterans United. There, I will be putting my nutrition and exercise phys degree to good use (LOL) selling home loans. I’m not quite sure which part of the loan process I will be doing yet, since we get a little while to choose and I’ve just started, but the last couple of days have gone really well!

Anyways, I’m excited to get back into the blogging game after a couple of weeks off! As always, thanks for reading!



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