Week in the Life 2017 | Sunday Words + Photos

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Here are my photos and words from Sunday, the last day of this project.

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9:27am // I took this with the front facing camera on my phone, so it’s the worst quality ever, but I just had to use it because it’s hysterical with Chloe’s little eye roll. I’m pretty sure this is how she feels 99% of the time. Because we woke up around this time, we didn’t have time to make it to our normal church service, which starts at 9:30am. Instead of rushing around to make it to the next service, we decided just to stream it on our TV for the first time, which worked out pretty nicely.

 photo 736C9D71-6919-438C-BB8A-F2165A232D5D_zps67awdhkg.jpg

11:40am // Afterwards, Chloe and I headed to the dog park to get some playtime in. To be honest, Chloe isn’t a huge fan of chasing other dogs or tennis balls, but she does love to swim and you can always count on her to protect the little dogs – toy poodles are her favorite.

 photo AC9D0154-80B8-46F1-BE6D-9BE32ADE750B_zps1cmbomvv.jpg

1:10pm // I took a little nap in the hammock and Chloe hung out right beside me. Kevin grabbed the photo above from inside the house and the photo below was my view.

 photo 2B78C726-6E3F-4DE2-B849-3B1F46F8510E_zpsiof721dp.jpg

 photo FF7DA116-4FCA-4F08-B45A-696EE372ED5A_zpsge6lilgj.jpg

5:35pm // Kevin and I grabbed Chipotle for dinner and walked around the Earth Day Festival in Columbia. It’s always fun to see local artisans selling artwork and local farmers selling veggies and plants.

Thoughts on A Week in the Life:

  • Even though Kevin and I were together every single day, I’m bummed that I didn’t have more photos of us together.
  • I think the reason why I love Ali’s photos so much is because she uses the self timer to set up a “candid” shot. I think she’s in almost every picture she takes during the week. I want to try to do this more often next time!
  • I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this group of photos and words but I still haven’t made up my mind. A lot of the people who participate in this project end up doing a small album of the week but I’m leaning toward an extra project life spread or just leaving it on my blog for now.
  • Even though it’s a long project, I feel like I should do this more often. I love the excuse to get out my DSLR.
  • I didn’t do a great job of documenting the food I’m eating or the projects I’m making, not that it matters but I just thought it was an interesting observation. I bet it has something to do with the lighting in those two areas of our home.
  • Next time, I want to be more courageous when it comes to taking photos of friends. I’m bummed that I didn’t do that this week.

Thanks for reading!

Week in the Life 2017 | Saturday Words + Photos

It’s been a long week and my photos are getting fewer, but it’s still fun to put together these posts in an effort to keep track of my life, even though it’s sometimes embarrassing.

Here’s what Saturday looked like:

 photo 809E294B-1750-49AE-BDB0-001B90C5FDC4_zpszlylrxtx.jpg

9:41am // I guess you could say that Saturdays are for sleeping in. As soon as Chloe hears that we are awake, she’s up and wants to go outside. In an effort to stay in bed as long as possible, we call her up to lay in bed with us.

 photo AF10D40A-E85D-4CF1-A288-306166C8E094_zpsik2q71xf.jpg

10:27am // I head out to do some shopping in the morning. This photo has a terrible glare, but I love that Chloe is watching me through the window. Those rose bushes in the front are going to start blooming any day.

When I get home, I spend a couple hours cleaning the house. I’ll spare you the photos.

 photo 49E88816-CC70-4CD2-90B7-B6E61079C552_zpsdniivkyn.jpg

4:23pm // Kevin and I met Tricia and Kyle (and his brother and sister-in-law) out at the winery in the evening. It turned out to be a beautiful day to sit outside and sip on a glass of wine.

 photo 2EF4D3A6-D59C-4B91-BBE2-9FEA7320EA73_zps2ic9ctpf.jpg

6:01pm // Since we were only a few miles away, we decided to hop over to the Katy Trail to check out the Tunnel. It was my first time being there. Kevin grabbed this shot of the group of us. I don’t know if you can tell by my sandals or my huge purse that I wasn’t planning on hiking or walking this trail.

 photo 3FCAD05E-2ABF-4A6D-ABF8-C7AD04ADD24D_zpsu1wipx7l.jpg

I’m so thankful for adventures and friends who ask for feet pictures. She knows me so well.

 photo F16D2198-A2E7-4195-9130-86E5F7E2D82E_zpshwiho2rj.jpg

6:05pm // Luckily, that huge purse was carrying my camera so I was able to get some fun shots of the tunnel. This is in Rocheport, MO and is part of the Katy Trail.

 photo 1002BA09-9CE6-4881-98BB-23DB273DD51F_zpskpvtzhsp.jpg

 photo 153AD9E6-1DD6-4F1E-BF31-911C9A45AD7E_zpswsk9gd9h.jpg

6:18pm // I wasn’t joking about the hiking. There were about 12 steps and then a gravel incline to the top. Luckily, we had a pretty view. Coming down the hill was easily the hardest part and I tripped and fell on the last step of gravel before the stairs…Never fails!

We ended up getting some eats in Rocheport that night and headed back for a quite evening. I spent time working on some projects and blogging and Kevin played a couple games on his computer. I’m glad we both have our “things”.

Thanks for reading.

Week in the Life 2017 | Friday Words + Photos

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Friday, Friday, Friday – I’m glad to see you again. I was talking with friends about how fast this week flew by and simultaneously, how old I feel like I’m getting. It’s weird when you look back at your life and realize it’s been 3 years since college graduation. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Sometimes my days just feel like a cycle of sleeping, working and squeezing in a few hours of my favorite things here and there. I’m ok with that.

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7:44am // It’s a chilly morning and I can hardly get Chloe in the house so that I can leave for work. We must have done good by her when it came to picking out a backyard, because she sure does love being out there. Sometimes I forget that we had to take her out on a leash at the apartment…so maybe I should revise that to say we all love the backyard.

 photo FE98D3D3-D84C-483F-934E-117AD820C310_zpsykeav1ns.jpg

8:15am // I arrive at work and am ready to go for the day. Notice my camera tucked away in my bag.

 photo 79A8D860-BFBD-4283-AE10-EC447401C9DE_zpsgyrqoctd.jpg

Kevin sent me this picture during the day of our baby grass growing. We had a couple of bare spots in the lawn and Kevin has been seeding and watering to get those growing.

 photo A4032F27-74F5-46DE-9185-859FB4311883_zpsylmm46l1.jpg

5:00pm // We meet A + T and spend most of our evening helping them move. Even though we are happy to help, we are really going to miss having them so close.

 photo 00378BB8-D71A-4FBF-9EB9-4356BF579FD9_zpsy0rlz2c6.jpg

10:45pm // Snoozing on the couch before we head to bed.

Thanks so much for reading!

Week in the Life 2017 | Thursday Words + Photos

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By now, I’m feeling the dragging part of this project and I feel myself forgetting to take photos because the excitement is wearing off. I’m trying to finish strong because even now I love the timelessness of this project and how amazing it’s going to be to look back on all of these things in the future. Even though I prefer to be an “in the moment” person, I can’t help but wonder what my Week in the Life is going to look like one, five, or even ten years down the road. I hope I never stop blogging for that reason alone.

 photo 69E5E1F4-4621-47E2-9829-7F799EDF2626_zpsfdazhme0.jpg

7:24am // It’s Thursday and Chloe is acting like it’s the weekend. I snuggle in bed with her a little longer than I should.

 photo 680DEC71-DEC7-45F0-B8AB-EE5429D9AA50_zpsy05mkj1n.jpg

11:27am // I try to make space in my calendar a few times a week to get away from my screens and jot down ideas, dreams and pain points for my team. This allows me time to brainstorm without distractions and helps me realign and re-prioritize.

 photo 1CF74B16-E22D-474B-B8AA-29A225E166F8_zpsr4ipqtit.jpg

6:35pm // Kevin’s at a work event directly following work, so I make some huevos rancheros and hang out with Chloe on the couch. I’m desperately fighting a nap.

 photo 263DDA46-96A9-404B-9144-88BAC1488982_zpsyeif5xat.jpg

7:11pm // Swiffering before girls night…Chloe’s inspecting my cleaning job from the bed.

 photo 69A90028-5E30-4DEB-85E5-364795A239F3_zps32qayfnf.jpg

9:35pm // Some friends came over and we had a ton of fun making marbled cardstock with food coloring and shaving cream. The clean up was easy, but I’m pretty sure my hands will be covered in pink dye forever.

 photo 224C05EA-0E06-4D76-97EF-8E490ED4CF85_zps2knieclf.jpg
10:09pm // Popped on the computer for a quick second before heading to bed.

What did your day look like?

Week in the Life 2017 | Wednesday Words + Photos

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Happy Thursday, friends! Here are my words and photos from yesterday.

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6:15am // This morning, I woke up early to get a work out in. My goal for the month is 3 workouts a week and I’ve been doing a pretty good job sticking to that. Clearly, I didn’t stop to get a better photo. Generally during my work outs, I’ll try to get a podcast in or watch some YouTube videos – there are some great spinning videos if you’re looking to boost your workout.

 photo A8B3E2FE-2482-43CD-B04D-E252FE5D23D7_zpsygyrquzm.jpg

7:23am // I try to open my Bible and spend time in the word multiple times per week. I have a journaling bible and just write notes or prayers straight into the margins. Today I was inspired by James 1:5 in The Message translation: “If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help.”

Today was a busy day at work with multiple meetings and other fun stuff, so I didn’t grab any pictures.

 photo 3493361F-E6A8-4F17-871C-50027BED9494_zpsoflfpsh9.jpg

4:45pm // The result of not going to the store on Sunday was going to the store on Wednesday. I just had to get a few things to purchase to get us through the rest of the week.

 photo CB7718A5-04EF-426A-AFFF-F486FEE9F4EA_zpsxxyobska.jpg

5:42pm // Chili has been one of our go to meals for the longest time. This is the recipe I use, minus the celery.

 photo 9F341DD9-4D90-4E4B-AC21-80FE36F7BB21_zpsdfdbth3a.jpg

5:52pm // The final product.

 photo D5EFFFDF-5D49-43EB-B873-12D88EB3724B_zpsbbfpmmrf.jpg

6:48 pm // Our friends Sarah and Cole live right next door and we are sharing a vegetable garden this summer so after dinner and clean up, I headed next door to till the soil.

 photo AF367394-F467-42D5-8E42-723FA4143506_zpsplglvpta.jpg

Sometime while I was working, Sarah snapped this photo of Cole and I. Sarah had already tilled the other bed earlier in the week, so I just took care of that second one. Luckily the soil was in really good shape so I’m feeling pretty confidant about getting some plants in there.

 photo 7B6BA8CD-0593-4013-AF25-373A18F62AC2_zpsnqmlfjvc.jpg

7:15pm // I think one of the things I’m surprised about the most when I do this project is that time feels a little more real when you’re tracking it this closely. I loved working outside and it felt like I was only out there for 10 minutes, but in reality it was about 30. Here’s the final product.

 photo 57070FB2-BC27-488A-A9F3-AECFD93988DF_zpshqwwcow1.jpg

7:17pm // Two mint plants are already planted and ready to grow.

I spent some time in the evening working on a couple project life spreads. Lately, I’ve been doing project life on a monthly basis, so it’s a treat when it’s time to work on a new page.

Thanks for reading!