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I am a huge journal-er. I write down everything from to-do lists to blog ideas to painting sketches to words I want to remember. I like having separate notebooks for things and then I like some to serve as a “catch-all”. The problem with this is that I am constantly buying new journals/notebooks/etc. After looking online, I realized how downright easy it would be for me to make them and personalize them based on what I want to put in them.

First, you’re going to need these supplies:
1. Card stock in your favorite pattern, the thicker the better
2. Blank paper to go inside (can be any type, but I used regular printer paper)
3. Paper cutter
4. Thread (I used the embroidery type)
5. Needle
6. Dowel or something to pierce the paper, I used an oversized push pin


I love the size of moleskine journals, so I used a ruler to duplicate the measurements. Remember when making this that you will be folding your papers in half, so go ahead and double the measurement that you took.

Watch this video for the binding technique I used.

Made sure to keep the edges together.

20130615-164311.jpgMade the holes.

20130615-164353.jpgThread the needle, and went to town with the saddle stitch.

20130615-164438.jpg Final product:



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